Reco MR Grade Plywood

RECO MR plywood is made with utmost care and perfection with high grade and Treated 8x4ft core and panel veneers from matured plantation timber, each panel is made with extreme precision and care. RECO MR Plywood is four times pressed at 130°C and extreme pressure to compress the veneer-resin pack to obtain superior quality plywood. It confirms to IS:303 specification and perfect for the interior wood working projects.

The bonding process of RECO MR plywood is done using highly viscous high solid content Melamine fortified resin to keep its layers strongly bonded for longer time. To ensure maximum protection, it is treated with unique and specially formulated chemicals to protect every inch from Termite and Borer.

RECO MR Plywood is both side calibrated plywood. It is dimensionally stable and amazingly durable and ensures satisfaction for the entire woodworking need according to the designers, carpenters and the homeowners.

Features :
  • Made with four times pressing
  • Moisture resistant
  • Made with MAT ply
  • Made with 8x4ft. core and panel
  • Eco friendly plywood
  • High nail holding capacity
  • Long life panel

Table, Sofa, Bed, Cabinets, Shelves, Partition etc, Heavy Application, Kitchen Shutters, Furniture Where risk of moisture exist, Door Shutters, Packing Industry, Partitions, Outdoor fixtures like election Cut-Outs, décor tent applications etc.

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