About Us

About Us

Shree Ganga Veneers & Plywood Pvt. Ltd.

Shree Ganga Veneers & Plywood Pvt Ltd, better known by the brand name BELORIA ARCHITECTURE, situated in timber rich area of UP, Bareilly. The company currently provides employment to more than 300 employees and setup a better infrastructure for manufacturing plywood in which people love to work with passion. This enormous volume of infrastructure helped the company in achieving big goals since years. And now the company stands on a strong ground and has a better position in the market.

With the values of dedication, commitment and hard work, the company as a team is climbing the ladder of success. At present, the company has a wide range of products in different segments. Company now entered into the manufacturing of its plywood with MATT process and FOUR TIMES PRESSING technology with a full range of products like Structural grade, Marine Grade, Boiling water proof grade, Block board, Flush Door, Shuttering plywood and many more.

Quality Policy

Architecture-ply is committed to further strengthen its leading position in the Indian Plywood Industry by delivering better than the best.

The importance of quality in the highly competitive world can hardly be overlooked. Therefore, we have incorporated numerous check procedures at every stage to ensure zero defect products.

Plywood samples are regularly tested in the lab, equipped with top line testing instruments, to check the product's conformity with the ISI specifications. Quality control inspectors inspects every panel with most stringent quality control norms.

With its commitment to produce better-than-the-best plywood and continual improvements, Architecture-ply is winning customer's trust and enhancing satisfaction.

Strict adherence to the highest quality standards, practicing good environmental means and observing highest standards of operational safety has enabled us to win the highest certifications like ISO 9001 : 2000, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:1999

The products have IS : 10701, IS:710, IS:5509, IS: 303, IS:1328 certification for plywood & IS : 1659 and IS:2202 for block board and flush door respectively.


“Stand out with passion for unequalled products delighting our customers whom we see as the essence of our operations. We are committed to continuously upgrade our products through innovations and convergence of new technology and to produce the best quality at the lowest cost.

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