OAK Pro Marine Grade Plywood

OAK PRO is marine grade and 100% water proof plywood that is manufactured with four times press technology. Single stage and high solid content Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used for its manufacturing. OAK PRO plywood is pressed at an extremely high temperature of 160 Degree Celsius and 400 lbs line pressure per square centimetre. This special product range is a unique range that is comes with 15 years warranty against any manufacturing defects.

It confirms to IS:710 specifications and has excellent water proof properties. Made with composed 8×4 feet core and veneer and assembled with auto core composer to minimize the chance of any manufacturing defects. Use of L-Shaped panel jointer machine during manufacturing made it bending resistance.

Due to its manufacturing process and the raw materials this plywood can withstand any extreme weather condition, fluctuating temperature and humidity, alternate wetting and drying and other adversaries which are the prerequisites for plywood used in Marine applications and Furniture and woodworking needs around coastal areas.

Features :
  • 15 years warranty
  • Composed with auto core composer
  • Extreme resistance to all climatic conditions
  • Highly stable, Warp resistant
  • Best Adhesion within Layers
  • Glue Line Protection
  • High nail holding capacity
  • Environment friendly

Partitions, Load bearing areas, Roof, stairs and Boxes, Canopies and Shelters, Boat and Ship building, fencing and Porta cabins, Furniture, Fixtures in Veranda, balcony and basements, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Door Panels etc.

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