OAK MR Grade Plywood

OAK MR plywood confirms the IS:303 specifications and poses excellent resistant against moisture prone areas. This plywood is treated against termite and borer and have high nail holding capacity and excellent bending resistant.

The boning inside the OAK MR plywood is done with the high solid content melamine fortifies synthetic resin of solid content more than 55%.

Architecture OAK MR grade plywood is manufactured for those who need high quality product in less budget. Manufactured with high density timber and four times pressed technology, architecture OAK MR is perfect plywood for interior wood working projects.

It is made from environmentally friendly plantation timber. Manufactured with all treated core and panels, OAK MR plywood is most perfect plywood for interior furniture and may be used at occasional moisture-prone areas.

Every OAK MR Plywood is 4 times pressed under the temperature of 130°C and extreme pressure to compress the hardwood veneer and resin pack to obtain consistent quality High-Density, Architecture OAK MR plywood.

Features :
  • 100% Calibrated
  • Dimensional stable and excellent structural strength.
  • Excellent moisture resistant properties
  • Wrapping resistant due to use of L-shaped panel jointer
  • High nail holding capacity
  • Smooth surface for lamination
  • Environment friendly product

Partitions, Table, Sofa, Bed, Cabinets, Shelves, Partition etc, Heavy Application, Kitchen Shutters, Furniture Where risk of moisture exist, Door Shutters, Packing Industry.


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