Club Life Marine Grade Plywood

Architecture CLUB LIFE is an amazing quality plywood manufacture to meet all architectural wood working requirements. It is manufactured with four times pressing technology with the hard wood core and panel veneers. Assembly of CLUB LIFE plywood is done by the auto core composer due to this there is no chance of manufacturing defects inside the plywood.

It is a high-performance product, manufactured in India’s most advanced factory equipped with ultra modern machines from best and known machine suppliers.

Every piece of CLUB LIFE Marine grade Plywood is made with high grade ‘Treated ‘ wood veneers from matured plantation timbers of Eucalyptus for higher strength and life. It comes with LIFE TIME WARRANTY against any manufacturing defect when used as per the specified terms and condition.

With each veneer measured at 6.0%moisture content, the curing process is done using highly viscous Phenolic resin with a solid content of 60.0 %. Every CLUB LIFE Plywood is 4 times pressed under the controlled heat of 150°C and extreme pressure to compress the veneer-resin pack to obtain superior quality in every piece of CLUB LIFE BWP 710 grade Plywood.

Architecture CLUB LIFE Plywood is treated with specially formulated chemicals, to make each and every Plywood protected from ‘Termite and Borer’.

CLUB LIFE plywood is 100% calibrated in India’s most accurate calibrated machine, It is one of the most dimensionally stable and amazingly durable plywood, which ensures 100% satisfaction for entire woodworking needs for a designer and the house owner.

It is available in BWP Marine grade, Super High Density, conforming to IS 710 for exterior working needs.

Features :
  • Life time warranty
  • High density plywood
  • High nail holding capacity
  • 100% calibrated
  • Boiling water proof plywood
  • Borer and Termite resistant.
  • High resistance to all climatic conditions
  • Glue Line Protection and Preservative treatment
  • Manufactured using selected eco-friendly timber

Wall Bracing, Roof Bracing Walls, Outdoor Floorings, Roof Linings and Stables, Garden furniture, Tables, Chairs, Benches, Decking, Porches, Arbours Pergolas, Planters, Kitchen, Wardrobes, Tables, Partitions, Panelling’s, Structural Home Building, Subfloors, Shipping Crates,

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