Architecture AMAZE plywood is manufactured to meet the high standard in architectural work. It is premium grade plywood manufactured as per the standard of structural grade plywood. Architecture AMAZE has extra advantage of fire retardant and Marine grade properties. This 100% water proof plywood can be used in every application where an architect and interior designer wants.

Architecture AMAZE, STUCTURAL PLYWOOD is made of 100 % hard wood core that have high density around 680 – 790 kg/cm2. These hard woods are sourced from plantation done by farmers and tested for quality like its density and fibre.

The manufacturing process of AMAZE plywood is different from normal plywood, it is made with four time pressed technology by using MATT ply process. It has uniform thickness at each and every corners because it’s calibrated to thickness tolerance +/- 0.15mm.

Architecture AMAZE is not only strong but also safe against termite and borer because it is proper treated against termite borer and other wood destroying organisms. High solid content resin of solid content 60% is used with glue line poison during the manufacturing of Architecture AMAZE plywood. It confirms to IS: 10701 (Structural Grade), IS: 5509 (Fire retardant grade) and IS: 710 (Marine Grade).

Features :
  • Architectural grade product
  • Confirms to standards – IS 710, IS 5509, IS 10701
  • Contains very high mechanical properties
  • Reliable and safe for intended life of the structural component
  • Capable of long term structural load
  • Borer & Termite Proof, very high density
  • Fire resistance of 60 min
  • Life time Warranty against Delamination, Insect attack, bending
  • 400 % cash back or cost of furniture, whichever is lower

Kitchen, Wardrobes, Almirahs, Tables, Partitions, cabinets, Panelling, Structural Home Building, Ceiling, Furniture, Cupboards, Staircases, Temples, Engineered Doors, Carved Surfaces, Handicrafts etc.

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